Mama Mabel Mod

This Mama Mod is a modification for the original Mama Mabel chicken crochet pattern. This post includes a free pattern for the crochet eggs and step-by-step instructions to create a pocket at the base of the Mama body so they can be tucked inside for safe keeping!

The Mama and Mini pattern are the larger and smaller versions of the original Mabel Chicken pattern. If you don’t already have your copy of the Mama and Mini Mabel crochet pattern, you can get it HERE or in my Etsy shop.

Big crochet chicken sitting on a chair with crochet eggs.
Big crochet chicken on a chair with a pocket for storing crochet eggs and baby.

My Inspiration

I’m going to age myself here, but back in the early 90’s there was a toy called Puppy Surprise. For anyone that doesn’t know what I’m talking about – you can Google it and you’ll come up with a variety of plastic-faced, blobby plush toy dogs, featuring a litter of somewhat cuter looking puppies. I thought it was just the greatest idea at the time. I loved that these cute little babies could be stored in the mama’s little velcro-sealed tummy for safe keeping. I was surprised to see that these are still being produced…I guess a great design never dies! They haven’t changed much from the original version – Check it out HERE.

Mama Mabel Surprise?

Moving on to Mama Mabel…. This modification is something I’ve thought about for a while. This full and squishy Mama was just asking to get this upgrade. (Should I call her Mama Mabel Surprise??) I just love the idea of hiding those little eggs in there! 3 of them fit nicely, or since we’re already treading in these anatomically incorrect waters…you could go ahead and put some Mini Mabels or colorful plastic eggs or chocolates in there! Or maybe a tv remote or your keys?

Either way, this mod will make a fun edition to your big, squishy Mama Mabel. Whether it’s a special make for a kiddo or chicken lover, or a fun Easter gift, she’s bound to become a new favourite as she has for me!

Big crochet chicken sitting on a chair with crochet babies.
Big crochet chicken sitting on a chair with crochet eggs.

Let’s dive in!

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Mama Mabel crochet pattern – you can pick yours up HERE or in my Etsy shop.

Size 6 super bulky yarn. (See list of brand and colors used in this pattern below.)

7mm and 8mm crochet hooks

Stitch markers

10mm safety eyes

Yarn needle

Stuffing material


Supplies for making a crochet Mama Mod pattern with chunky Bernat Blanket yarn. There are hooks, a needle, stitch marker, scissors and yarn cakes.

COLORS USED IN THIS POST (All Bernat Blanket Yarn)

Mama Body – Baby Sand

Mama Comb – Red Rust (Fired Clay works well too)

Beak – Copper Coins (Yellow)

Eggs – Whipped Cream (or you can use White)


st – stitch(es)

sc – single crochet

inc – 2 sc in the same st

dec – invisible decrease

FO – fasten off


  • Use a stitch marker at the start of each round for placement.
  • This pattern is worked in continuous rounds. Do not join rounds or turn your work.
  • I recommend matching the brand/weight of yarn used for the eggs and the pocket created at the base of your Mama Mabel. This will ensure a proper fit and a more consistent look.
  • A 7mm hook will be used for the eggs and an 8mm hook for the body of the Mama, as the original pattern also recommends.
  • You can use a different weight of yarn for this pattern, adjusting to the appropriate hook size, but the size of the finished product will be different.
  • Increase stitch (inc) – 2 sc in the same st
  • Invisible decrease stitch (dc) – Insert hook into front loops of the next two stitches. Yarn over and draw through first two loops. Yarn over and draw through remaining two loops.


(Using an 8mm hook)

Round 1: 6 sc in mc (6)

Round 2: inc around (12)

Round 3: inc around (24)

Round 4: (3 sc, inc) x 6 (30)

Rounds 5-9: sc around (30) (5 rounds)

Round 10: (3 sc, dec) x 6 (24)

Rounds 11-12: sc around (24) (2 rounds)

Round 13: (2 sc, dec) x 6 (18)

Round 14: (sc, dec) x 6 (12)

** Continue to Round 3 of original Mama Mabel pattern. **

Once the last round of the body is complete, you will need to flip the pocket inside the body.

Steps to show the finished shape of the crochet pattern.


Once you have flipped the pocket inside the body, insert your hand into the pocket while stuffing around the pocket space. Don’t overfill – you want to leave room for the pocket to expand enough to hold the eggs or Mini Mabels.

How to flip the crochet pocket inside the body.
Stuffing the body with polyfill.
Showing the body of the finished picket added to the Mama Mabel pattern.

Once you have stuffed the body enough, you will need to close the Mama body as instructed in the pattern. While whip-stitching across the back, you will go though the top of the pocket using three stitches to anchor it in place.

Hands sewing the top of the body closed and anchoring the pocket in place.
Hands showing the pocket secured in place.

Continue adding details and closing the body as per the Mama Mabel pattern.


(Using a 7mm crochet hook)

Round 1: 6 sc in mc (6)

Round 2: inc around (12)

Rounds 3-5: sc around (12) (3 rounds)

Round 6: (sc, dec) x 4 (8)

Round 7: sc around (8)

* stuff *

Round 8: dec around (4)

Cut yarn leaving a 5″ tail for sewing. Pull yarn through last stitch and sew yarn tail through front loops of each of 4 sc. Pull tight to close. FO, weave in end.

Hands showing a crochet egg ready to be stuffed.
Hands showing a finished crochet egg.

So, there you have it! This Mama Mod brings a touch of whimsy to the classic Mama Mabel chicken crochet pattern. How many of those crochet eggs or Mini Mabels can you stuff in that little pocket? Anyone up for a game of Chubby Bunny?

Whether you’re crafting a gift for a little one, a fellow chicken lover, or you’re simply looking to try something new, I hope you’ll enjoy this fun little mod.

Happy crocheting, and may these Mama Mabels bring joy to folks of all ages!

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Mama Mabel chicken sitting on a chair with crochet eggs.
Mama Mabel siting on a chair with crochet eggs, second image showing eggs inside the pocket on the base of the chicken.

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