Mer-Kitty Mod

This Mer-Kitty Mod is a twist on the Jolene Kitty + Mermaid Tail pattern. This post includes step-by-step instructions for adding sculpting details to the kitty’s mouth, and beautiful scalloped edging to the top of the tail. The pattern can be found HERE and in my ETSY shop.

This plush kitty is a spin-off on the original Jolene Kitty pattern. The original design was made in worsted weight yarn and has a classic, heirloom feel. She’s a perfect fit for little hands and looks so sweet in her little vintage style dress! The sweet name “Jolene” was inspired by my adorable, kitty-loving niece. You can find the original pattern in my shop HERE or in my Etsy shop.

Or you can pick up a BUNDLE with ALL of the Jolene Kitty patterns HERE or in my Etsy shop.

The initial plan for the worsted version was to make a series of critters with fun little accessories, one of which would be a slip-on mermaid tail. Shortly after I released Jolene, I also designed a matching bunny named Beth (the name of my other sweet niece Beth – Jolene’s older sister). I planned to have all of the accessories interchangeable within the series.

I’d also been wanting to make a plush yarn version of the series, so I finally sat down to get designing (starting with Jolene). After many tries and lots of frogging, the slip-on mermaid tail in the blanket yarn was a no-go. The yarn was just too bulky to lend itself to all the layers required for this. So, an optional tail mod it was… and she turned out so cute! The new plush version comes with the crochet dress, and now the mermaid tail in three different variations. You can pick up your copy in my shop HERE or in my ETSY shop.

Keep an eye out for the Plush version of the Beth Bunny/Mer-Bunny pattern – she’s coming soon!

Fun Fact:

The well-known and loved Mabel Chicken Crochet Pattern (HERE), was designed using the same shape and method from Jolene Kitty’s head! Like me, now you’ll never unsee it! 😉

It was time for testing! I wanted to have the new version tested and also have a review done for the original pattern. I gathered the best of the best and had an incredible team of talented makers and designers work through all of the variations.

I was lucky enough to have Brittany from Twisted Hooker Crochet test for me once again. This girl’s work is outstanding. Her workmanship is absolute perfection, and her color combinations are always spot-on. Brittany’s version of Jolene Kitty did not disappoint! When I first saw her plush version, I fell in love. She added the cutest little bit of mouth sculpting and a delicate little scalloped edge to the top of the tail. I reached out right away to ask about her modification, and Brittany was more than happy to generously share her mods with us!

You can check out Brittany’s Instagram account @thetwistedhooker HERE and her website HERE.

Check out these gorgeous photos of her cutie little Mer-Kitty!

Let’s jump in!

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Jolene Kitty crochet pattern with Mermaid Tail Mod – you can pick yours up HERE or in my Etsy shop.

Any color of category 4 (worsted weight) yarn for the scalloped edge and a small amount for nose and face sculpting.

4mm crochet hook

12mm safety eyes

Yarn needle



Twisted Hooker Mer-Kitty:

Body – Premier Basix in Rust

Tail – Sweet Snuggles Lite in Coral

Process photos:

Body – Soft grey kitty: Bernat Blanket yarn in Sea Gull Grey; Brown kitty: Premier Basix in Caramel

Tail and Shells – Bernat Blanket in Navy Ombre and Bernat Baby Dappled in Peachy Keen, and Bernat Blush Pink

Face detail – Soft Classic yarn by Loops and Threads in Blush

Scalloped edge – Vanna’s Choice in Pink, Patons Canadiana in Pale Teal


st – stitch(es)

ch – chain

sl st – slip stitch

dc – double crochet

BLO – back loop only

FO – fasten off


*Round 4 of the body will be worked in BLO. This creates a loop around the top edge of the tail where the shell stitches will be worked. The shell stitches will be worked around the edge in a later step.


Use 12mm eyes, placed between rounds 4-5, with 5 stitches between them.

Mouth and Nose Sculpting:

Start with a long strand (approx. 20″ when folded in half) of worsted weight yarn on your needle. Insert the needle into the center of the face, between rounds 1-2, and coming out between rounds 4-5. Insert needle back into the same spot between rounds 1-2 to make a loop. Pull snug so it makes a small pucker for the mouth.

Insert needle back into rounds 1-2 again, creating another loop over the first, and pull snug again. Do not cut yarn. Insert needle horizontally into the stitch at the top of the mouth, one stitch wide. Embroider over this spot 2-3 times to make a tiny nose. Insert needle into the head, coming out the back and cut yarn leaving a tail. Weave bottom yarn at the chin into the head, coming out the same spot. Knot ends and weave in together.

Tail Detailing:

Insert your 4mm hook into any of the loops at the back of the body (see previous photos). Yarn over and pull though with any color worsted weight yarn. Ch 2.

Work 3 dc into the same loop to create the first shell. Skip a loop and work a sl st into the following loop. Ch 2, and work 3 dc into the same loop to create the second shell. Continue making these shells into every other loop around (8 shells total).

Fastening off:

After completing 8 shells, insert your hook into the base of the 1st shell. Yarn over to work a sl st. Knot two ends together and weave in ends.

Your Mer-Kitty Mod is complete! Be sure to place your finger behind each of the shells to “pop” them outward so they create a nice rounded shape.

I hope you enjoyed this cute little mod as much as I did! I’m so grateful for all of my testers that helped me polish up these little kitties so they were ready for the world!

These little kitties will make a perfect summer market make – they’re so soft and huggable and quick to work up, and the color options are endless!

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