Dottie Doll Bag

This free Dottie Bag pattern is courtesy of Jessica at This Crafty Mama. This adorable little granny square-inspired bag is a perfect addition to the Blanket Yarn Dottie Doll pattern – available HERE or in my Etsy shop.

The Blanket Yarn Dottie Doll pattern is an updated version from the original Dottie Doll (you can check out the original HERE). I had so many requests for a blanket yarn version, and I knew she would be a perfect little huggable doll and quick market make!

When designing the Blanket Yarn Dottie, I also designed a little matching blanket yarn carrying pouch, which is included in the pattern. Adorned with a flower, I love how she looks snuggled in there – and check out that fur-lined hat variation!

Dottie Doll in green
Dottie Doll with a fuzzy hat

It wasn’t long after the pattern was released, that I came across a reel on Instagram showing a cluster of Dotties in these gorgeous candy-colored bags. They were beautifully textured and had a modern granny square look. They complimented the dolls so well and I was obsessed!

I reached out to the maker and asked about the little pouches. It turned out that she (Jessica) had designed the bags specifically to fit my little Blanket Dottie! You can check out her Instagram (thiscraftymama) HERE, and her website HERE. Get ready for some eye candy – Jessica’s work is absolutely gorgeous!

(Following photo courtesy of This Crafty Mama)

Jessica generously offered to share her pattern with all of you, and I’m so grateful! I just love the simplicity of this design, it’s a super quick no-sew pattern, and in granny square fashion, super relaxing and rewarding to make!

I love that the vintage granny square influence is making a comeback in the modern crochet world. Not only are the color options endless, but these little bags will make a great stash buster as well!

Dottie Doll in her bag
Dottie Doll and Bag

I can’t wait for you to start making these gorgeous little bags!

Let’s get to it!


These bags were made using Michael’s brand – Loops and Threads Carousel Twist, which is actually classified as a bulky weight yarn (5). It’s worth noting that it feels much more like a worsted weight (4) yarn. There is some flexibility with sizing with this project, so don’t hesitate to try out different yarns!

I used this yarn for the pattern photos, in the colors Orange Fizz and Tide Pool, and they’re the perfect springy colors…and I just love that gorgeous fleck! There are so many beautiful yarns that would be perfect for this pattern!

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Bulky yarn (5) or worsted (4), in any color. (Loops and Threads Carousel Twist in the color Orange Fizz was used in the following photos).

Yarn needle


5.5mm hook

7mm hook

Stitch markers (if preferred)


CH – chain

SL ST – slip stitch

HDC – half double crochet

SC – single crochet

SK – skip (a stitch)

ST(S) – stitch(es)


HDC INC – 2 HDC into the same ST

3-HDC CLUSTER – 3 HDC into the same ST


Starting with a 5.5mm hook:

CH 3, SL ST into first ST to form a ring (or create a magic ring if preferred)

Round 1: CH 1, 10 HDC into the ring, SL ST into first HDC to end round (10 HDC)

Round 2: CH 1, HDC INC around, SL ST into first HDC (20 HDC)

Round 3: CH 1, (1 HCD, HDC INC) x 10 around, SL ST into first HDC (30 HDC)

Switch to 7mm hook:

Round 4: CH 1, 3-HDC CLUSTER in first ST, (SK 2 STS, 3-HDC CLUSTER in next ST) x 9, SK 2 ST, SL ST into first HDC. (10 HDC CLUSTERS)

Rounds 5-14: CH 1, 3-HDC CLUSTER in first space between clusters, (SK 2 STS, 3-HDC CLUSTER in next space) x 9, SK 2 ST, SL ST into first HDC. (10 HDC CLUSTERS)

Round 15: CH 1. SC around, SL ST into first SC (30 SC)

Do not cut yarn


Continuing with 7mm hook:

CH 40, making sure not to twist the chain, place a SL ST into a ST approximately halfway around the top round of the bag. SL ST into the ST beside it.

Turn your work so you are working back across the handle. SL ST into the back loops of the chains of the handle.

One you get back to the other side, SL ST into the ST next to where the handle starts (make sure handle is not twisted).

Fasten off, and weave in the end.

Your little Dottie Bag is finished!

I hope you enjoy making these little bags as much as I have! I’m so grateful to have collaborated on this post with Jessica from This Crafty Mama, if you haven’t already, check out her Instagram and website to see Jessica’s other beautiful work!

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