Willow Whale Printable Valentines

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, these little whale themed printables are the perfect project to make your heart swoon.

These Valentines can be printed on cardstock, to be shared with your friends and loved ones. But you know what would make them even better? If they were paired with an adorable crochet WHALE! Meet Willow, the squishiest little whale with the sweetest pout – she’s practically begging for a hug!

But the love doesn’t stop there! Grab this FREE Bobble Heart crochet pattern that makes a perfect addition to any project. You can get the pattern HERE.

As soon as I saw Willow’s face, I knew I had to make a little printable Valentine for her. She just has a look that says – “I need to be loved!”

The Willow Whale crochet pattern can be found HERE or in my Etsy shop.

Download your FREE

Whale Valentine PDF HERE.

I hope you enjoy this little Valentine freebie, I can’t wait to see the color combinations that you come up with!

Happy crocheting, and may your Valentine’s Day be WHALE-Y special!

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